The Me Time Plan Management service means you enjoy all the benefits of self-management without having to deal with financial, administrative and complex logistical workload.

Me Time deliver experience, knowledge, guidance and administrative assistance (and even coordination if wanted) to individuals who want to further their independence and control by managing their package a little smarter.


Face to face, over the phone, via email-
communicate on your preferred medium
to ensure you have the best opportunity to
tell your story to people who are
genuinely interested.


Together we will plan a pathway to your goals.
Be provided with all the information you need
including a variety of opportunities
suited to you - and then you tell us
which direction to go.


Use your plan to build your capacity,
grow your independence and control and strengthen
your support team. Me Time are dedicated to
supporting and empowering you in making
decisions and achieving outcomes.

Your Me Time Plan Manager is a specialist in navigating complex case management and even crisis intervention; ensuring everything they do revolves around you and what
you want to achieve. Using Plan Management means that you can access and engage support services that are either registered or unregistered NDIS services.

This means if you have a particular support worker or therapist who are a sole trader that you really want to make part of your team, then you can!
Contact Me Time to find out how plan management will give you more options and greater choice, without any of the time consuming hassle.