As a For Care Proider, you're a self-employed sole trader.

This means you are in control of setting your own work boundaries and
schedules and negotiating your rates of pay directly with your clients.

It also means you can create the right mix of work to suit your needs and
you can organise to end any agreements which you may find aren't quite
right for you.

There's no longer any need to head to Google for 'support worker jobs' or
'aged care jobs' or even 'community support jobs'!
Just get yourself connected and advertised through For Care and the jobs will come to you.

Maybe you’re new to the industry, or maybe you’re just looking to increase your knowledge and skills for monetary recognition. Or, maybe you love a bit of learning and professional development and just want to see what else you can do to keep improving.

We’re not here to judge your circumstances, quite the opposite in fact. We love helping people work towards their goals and support all unique motivations. We pride ourselves on providing flexible, friendly and engaging learning opportunities.

Would you like to know more about your training and education opportunities?