You might be here to learn about where we are based (Brisbane), how big or small we are, (just right), or how long we have been in operation (it’s not polite to ask our age, but if you must know, we came to life in 2011).

Maybe you’d like to know about who got us all started on this journey (our Director, Alexandra Shaw) or why we are on the journey at all (to empower our community and to promote choice, control and quality of life). Or, maybe, you chose to visit this page because you want to know: what makes For Care so special? Well, we’d love to tell you…

At For Care, we don't just come to work, do our job, and head home. We walk in smiling, rock our responsibilities, have a chat and a laugh with our team and those we meet and when we're finished, we leave genuinely inspired to do it again the next day.

Our lives are as much a balance of unique, exciting and mundane as everyone else in this world – except that we get to work for an innovative company that is not only growing with the age of technology, but is one that stays true to its purpose and mission, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

We owe a massive cheers, thank you, grazie, merci, tualumba, dhanyawaad, xièxiè, miigwetch, dankie, m̀h’gōi – and many more – to our community and we hope that you’d like to come on board and make us part of your story as much as we’d like you to be part of ours.

If you’re not finished reading and you’d still like to know more, we’d love you to 'meet' our team…

Our vision is to create a world of choice, control and independence that empowers and increases fulfilment for all.

To promote independence and use innovation to inspire happier communities, connect people with opportunities, and make a positive difference in the lives of our users, our employees and our partners.